What are some challenging games you created for Vex students?

I have a very advanced student who may even be ahead of the teacher. While I want him to move into Robot Text for programming, I am not too well versed with the text version. We’ve done high rise, ring-master, robot loops, robot pick-up.

What are some heavy programming intensive challenges I can re-introduce to the student? I am out of ideas…

How about some non-game programming challenges? You might take a look through our VEX IQ Curriculum for some examples. We show our own programming environment, but the challenge description would apply to any language: https://www.robotmesh.com/docs/vex-iq/activity-guide/blockly/Default.htm


How about something on codacademy or Khanacademy? My son learned much o f his programming here.

You could have him enter the Robot Virtual Worlds online challenge for this years ringmaster game.