What are some good questions to ask for scouting?

what are some good questions to ask for scouting that will give my team a good summary of their robot?

  • How many autonomous they have,
  • their reliability (hopefully their honest about that)
  • The paths of the autonomous(itd be terrible to run into each other)
  • How many cubes their robot can hold at once
  • If they are a tray or lift/what their design is (certain designs might work better with your own than others
  • If they are more defensive or offensive
  • If their strengths are in towers of cubes
  • If they can place cubes, and if so in which towers
  • It could also be good to record how they preform with you after your match-in case you are together or against each other later, it could help
  • Later in the season, (primarily for larger competitions like states) I use my scouting info from earlier and research the teams average qualification match winning percentage and look at their highest, average, and mode skill score, awards, etc so I have an idea who Iā€™m with or against