What are some good resources to switch from vexcode blocks to vexcode text?

The title is pretty self explanatory. Last year our team used blocks for programming. I would like to make the switch to text for this upcoming season. Although I do not have access to a computer I could program on right now i would like to make the plan for switch.

Unless you have added a vast amount of sensors, none.

If you have lots of external inputs coming in then text is easier to manage a quick check,

I’ve asked great robots for their code and pretty much you can do it in blocks if you think about it.

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If you plan on doing anything code related when you graduate, do text. It is a good skill to have.


I would beg to differ, if you want to do anything beyond basic movements, text is the way to go. PID control loops, voltage control and multitasking are easier in text.

Additionally, once you acclimatize yourself with text based programming, it is easier to make the switch to something like PROS which gives you access to a wide array of advanced control options including Odometry, 2D Motion Profiling, etc.

Needless to say, as @9MotorGang mentioned, if you wanna do anything related to programming after HS, text based is the way forward.


Thank you for your response I plan on using text code next year (I will be a freshman) I am wondering what are somethings that can re teach me. I worked with robotc for one year and dont remember hardly anything from that coding. I also know they are very different.



So your post of PID, voltage control, etc. That would count as lots of sensors. While the motors come with sensors in them, teams do simple things (cube in the slot with a button, then acquire and intake). I agree, once you start PID, then text is your friend.

Multitask works pretty well in blocks, sometimes roboteers get tripped up when they go to text

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I see your point but personally, in the context of vex, I prefer control and blocks strips a lot of that customization from me… This is why I use pros


There is tons of videos you can watch on Youtube about C++. The best way to learn text is through trial and error to get understanding, and not just knowledge. Within a couple months, if you are dedicated, you will know the syntax and be able to code without looking anything up.

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a PID loop in blocks is very possible… I’ve seen it done. @Anomalocaris has successfully made one in blocks.

I wouldn’t go so far to say it was successful; I never tested it because we use Pros. I would highly recommend using text if you want to use PID.

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