What are some of your tower takeover ideas and predictions

Not sure if there is one already, but just starting one to brainstorm with everyone early season.

I’m assuming the poles will be done late game, and not sure how I feel about the starting tile.

I figure there will be a rush to put on specific color in the zones and towers. Probably purple just cause the auton bonus.

There’s already a thread for this


You want to attach a link for easy access?

I think the towers will be done late game instead of in the beginning, because you can’t tell what colour the other team is going to focus on. We’re still trying to decide whether we should focus on one two or three colours.


I think that the best strategy is to observe well so you can tell what colors to not put in towers or what colors to put in zones. We’ll see how it plays out.

Frankly I’m just glad to be rid of the caps. :joy:

Better than cones.

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