What are some ways that I can add compression to my intake?

After about the 4th cube, my intake takes 1-2 seconds to intake more cubes. What are some ways I can go to fix this?

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if you look around youtube and the forum or even just google, there are plenty of threads and videos that talk about this exact topic but to get you started, boxing your arm channels is a low effort fix as well as adding things that protrude from your chassis to hold your intake rollers. The end goal is to keep your intake rollers as rigid as possible. gl on your search!

a good place to start would be this thread Increasing intake compression all the time


Are you using a simple or a complex tray?

We’re using a complex tray.

Then make sure your arms are ridged and your intake is properly supported. Take a look at some other threads on the topic, they give very good advice. Boxing your arms is a good idea if you haven’t already.

here is a good vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz4coBYe3sU

We’ve already implemented intake locks, however, our robot still takes 1-2 seconds to intake more than 4 cubes, and sometimes when our arm goes up to place cubes in the towers, the intakes do not fall back in the locks.

Also, what exactly does boxing arm channels mean?

Thank you so much!

Boxing c-channels is when you put two c-channels inside each other, it greatly increases rigidness.


Thank you!

I think some of my team members already put 2 c-channels inside of each other on our arm. Are there any other ways I can improve compression?

Are you using a flip down or out? I swapped to down because of compression

Our intakes don’t flip out or down, they fit within the size limit without needing to be folded back inside the robot.

oh so your guys design is like 6842z or uncharted? that design theoretically has the best compression. where are your guys parts flexing to where it struggles to intake more?

After moving on to the second part of our 3 stage tray, our robot takes 1-2 seconds, or sometimes even 3 seconds to intake cubes.

How steep is your tray? It may not just be compression but also some problems with the tray. If your tray is very steep, your cubes may put excess weight on the intake causing the intake to push out. Making your tray more parallel to the ground will always lessen the stress of cubes on the intake in turn giving your intake an easier time to collect cubes.

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