What are Strength of Schedule points?

I want to know what r strength of scedule points: Ik I spelled that wrong

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Every match has a winner and a loser (or a tie). The SPs of a single match are the loser (or the tie)'s points, which in theory should show how hard the match was (which works well for a higher-scoring game, but not a game with major point swings, like any game after In The Zone).

Examples: in a 18-12 match, everyone would receive 12 SPs. In a 14-14 match, all four robots would receive 14 SPs.


They are the second tiebreaker for matches after auton points. You get SP points for very point your opponent scores in a match against you. They are meant to reward the teams who face tougher opponents, which makes sense in games like ITZ and TT, but IMO is less effective in swing games like TP and change up.

Edit: Actually, @GBHS_VEX_Member was correct, not me. Both teams get SP points equal to the score of the losing team. Now it makes even less sense to me.


The idea is that, if team A and team B have won the same number of matches, but team A’s opponents scored more total points against them (i.e., they have more SP), then team A had a more difficult schedule and should therefore be ranked higher than team B.

(Edit: and scoring more points in the matches you lose also indicates a tougher schedule because your opponents beat you anyway despite all the points you scored)

It’s not a perfect metric (neither are any of the other metrics people have come up with over the years for measuring schedule difficulty) but it works well enough and is easy to calculate and explain.


Like I said, everything you just explained works brilliantly for games that have extremely high score caps like TT and ITZ. However, in this game, similar to TP, the better your team is, the less points will be scored against you. I just think that SP points don’t work as well in some games (this game) as in others.


Yep, trsp and opponent ccwm are better metrics to determine difficult schedules in swing games

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How do trsp or ccwm points work?

Trsp is the opponent’s win points- your partner’s win points
Ccwm is opr-dpr

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Sorry, too many acronyms. What are opr and dpr?

Opr: Offensive Power Ranking
Dpr: Defensive Power Ranking
Ccwm: Calculated Contribution to Winning Margin


Here’s a page on vexdb that helps explain some things


Here is the link to the slideshow that is linked to on the vex db page: