What are the advantages of making a reveal video?

I’m considering making a reveal video for our robot. What are they supposed to accomplish?

It shows teams within your region what they have to deal with, or use them for bot ideas.

It does allow teams to see what they have to deal with, but at the same time you might receive valuable feedback which you can use to improve your bot before it goes into competition.

It also can give you a very helpful reputation if you’re having bad luck with schedule.

I’m on VF partially because I want my team name to get out there a little bit. We sound like a joke clawbot or something, but we are serious about Vex. I’ve gotten compliments on it, and it’s kind of memorable. Now I just need to establish a winning record.
A reveal video can do the sane thing. Some people publish their videos after their first tournament, also.

I agree with everyone else, and that’s why we’re planning a reveal soon once this new redesign is complete. We’ve been in vex for 3 years and the time put in and lessons learned are finally paying off. This time last year we were preparing for our second competition after going unpicked. This year we’ve had a great start and we’re still pushing with new designs. Unfortunately being both new, and originally being kinda bad means we have work to do on our reputation. I’m hoping a nice reveal video will help that.

yeah, a reveal video can really get your team name out there, and let others know that you are a powerful team. well known teams have a much better chance of getting in the right alliance too. plus it’s just a cool way to show off your robot

Agreed. A good example of this is Fuzzy Wuzzy 2.0 at Worlds last year. They had a rough day and came out with 6 wins and 4 losses, but since their name was so well known they were still picked by a high seed.

How intricate or “professional” does a reveal video need to be? Someone suggested that I make one because of some unconventional designs we have, but I don’t know that myself or one of my teammates has a ton of time or motivation to make one.

I would say you need a title card with your team name or number, then you can just play robot footage with some music. Autonomous is good to put in because it is easy to record, people will remember a team with a good auton, and then other teams in your area can coordinate their auton to work with yours.

edit: you could put information like motor allocation and stuff in the video description because that is easier than putting it in the video
edit 2: don’t film it vertically

so if I take a few sheets of paper, write the requisite stuff, and play music in the background, we could film a reveal video w/o editing?

I meant a title card that was edited into the video, but that would also work. You could start zoomed in on the piece of paper (it has to look nice) and then you zoom out and the robot is behind it driving around or something