What are the age requirements for Vex IQ

What is the minimum age for a student to compete in Vex IQ?

The definition of student can be found in the game manual. There is an upper age limit, but no lower age limit.


I want to start teaching my cousins as early as possible to hopefully get them interested in science and math at an early age, however i was worried they would be to young to compete. they are in the 2nd grade. When i looked in the game manual I only saw upper limitations.


It’s definitely not unheard of for kids aged 7-8 to be competing in VEX IQ so if they are up for it, go for it. Good luck!

There are other products that might me more age appropriate.

Might want to look at VEX GO?

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I have considered Vex Go, I was thinking teaching them the basics of vex IQ for a year or so till they are ready to compete.


I have had kindergartners participate in VEX IQ. They have to be mature kindergartners, but they have definitely been successful. They made it to finals in state that year with a pusher bot. I have had a first grader make it to VEX Worlds. These kids are capable of so much.


Thank you for letting me know that I was worried it would be too young!

If they’re interested, you’ll probably be okay, as long as they’re prepared to lose (not an insult; most teams lose). If they’re not interested, you might just have them play with building robots or whatnot.