What are the best strat ideas for a push bot?

My team has a push bot and I want to know some good strategy ideas. Like whats a strategy in this case?

Push other robots.


Push the other team when they’re about to shoot and defend rollers during endgame.

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Use a 6 motor drive geared for speed and a bit heavy. Then push the robot out, focus on omni-wheel robots and push them from the sides.


but what if all of them have normal wheels or mecanum wheels

can i see a picture of your bot

Well, here’s a link to a video of my team’s unfinished robot. This is our second design, and we’re taking our time to make it better at the expense of slow progress. Anyhow, someone (not sayin’ who) switched the blue carts for the red.


50rpm drive?
That’s going to make you virtually useless because you will be so slow. Sure, you can push, but you need to be able to catch other robots first.

Our team also does not have a fully completed robot(our intake wasn’t finished in time, but we have a flywheel, a roller mech, and maybe string launchers), so I was dreaming up strategies on our team’s discord:

(Ignore the dad bot lol)


Don’t worry, 50rpm isn’t the final speed. We just wanted to mess around with torque and our motors are hotswap, so we decided to have a little fun. We also do have a completed robot, but it’s shelved right now as we’ve already qualified for state and are mostly looking to test unproven designs for a while.


Is any of this VRC? Because I don’t know the specific difference but I don’t want us to make any mistakes.

For VRC push bots it is best to have a fast but high torque drive train, and have a good driver there are some good match videos showing defensive strategies (definitely not biased because we were the ones doing the defense in 2/3 of these videos lol)


Our bot does have omni wheels. It’s to help us turn.

In my experience, the best strategy for a push bot is to get in the way of other robots. Whether that be in between them and a roller, them and discs, them and a goal, etc.
This year, however, pushbots don’t have much of a place. If you’re able to make even the simplest of roller mechanisms, do it. It’ll give you a purpose outside of screwing up other robots, which means you’ll be of more value to alliance partners, and it’ll give you at least a little viability in skills.

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The best strat for a push bot is to not build a pushbot


push other teams when they’re trying to make shots or shove discs into low goal

If you can, get a roller wheel on there. Turning all 4 rollers from the opposing color to yours is an 80 point swing, and could really help towards winning a lot of close matches.

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It gives you 40 points while denying the opponent another 40, so it could be said that it’s an 80 point swing.


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