What are the best teams in your region/province/country?

All 1010, 9181 and 2 (Gladstone) teams.

For my region (Oklahoma) hands down the best bot is 1561H with a lot of other great teams including the other 1561 teams (1561a,b, and m), and 4004Y Y-Not being among the best.

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in the country middle school, 7k


Kansas has 2 top 100 skills teams. 7862B 35th and 7862Z 78th.

In Texas Region 4, the best teams are probably 354X, 2158R, 26982E, 2158C, and 2158K.

354X and 26982E are from the same city and like to alliance a lot.

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2114X for AZ ( 3rd in the world!)

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Now the 4th, just checked

Ohio HS- 6008 D, E. 2011 teams as well.
For MS- 4810 is dominating right now along with 19291D

I will be the one to say I don’t even know where to start for SoCal


44777u, 917m, 10e, 10955m from WA


off the top of my mind,
62a 599b 599x 7700r 363a 369a 3324v 8888z 6627a 6627x 45464z 224x 21s 21c 62b 62v 2496y 139a 254a 287x 315a 404s 449x 569a 2150a 3050a 5327z 6007r 7259a 8000a 9102p 10746a 21000c 35211a 37000x 62019x 62019s 88000k 88000x 90241t 91709a 93063a 98898x 99999v.

but I’m probably forgetting a ton of teams. yeah soCal is op


7194A is Windom, 739B is Kimball, and I’m not sure what the Osseo number is.

The best 2 I can think of in my area of Virginia would have to be 1231D and 6096A.

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9181z , 9181s, 9181w, 1010z, 1010n, 2u

British Columbia, Canada
And we have 7k coming over to almost all competition’s


353X and 10B
From Washington




North Carolina
NC has a number of solid teams in both HS and MS divisions. In HS, we have teams ranging from those located in Charlotte and the surrounding region, so that would be 9635A, 5139C/B, and 2777V/E. We also have a few in the RTP region (Where my team and I are from) such as 1691A, 41920C, 33011X/Z, 76767R, and 93870A.

In the MS division, 27610C, 90640X, 97735X/Z, and 28097A are some pretty good teams to look out for.


And aren’t you guys the state champion.

Another Ohio team here! A few teams come to mind, notably North Union (6008) and Brecksville (2011), but I would also like to add Elyria (11124) to the list of great teams from Ohio. Overall, these teams are some of the most quickly advancing ones in the State (Both in skills and competition), not to mention they’re super cool and friendly!

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Ay. Yeah 6008 is always good. but sadly 6008D is going to split since they are seniors.