What are the best teams in your state/country for VEX IQ

What are the best teams in your state/country

67891X, 8819F, 77777G

Discobots teams in Ontario: 1140z, 11400a
Of course, Batman 127z was world champs last year and has the highest official skills, but they are limited to about 20 points in balls in every match
Self-plug: 10700b has been finalists for two years straight and we felt confident we could take it this year. Unofficial driver skills 146, unofficial teamwork 170


I am in Colorado and I think that the best team for Vex IQ is the:
Dancing Doritos
Their number is 2005A

They won excellence in all their comps

67891X is a great team, they’ve been in first place for almost every competition. they have a scoop for the balls which is really cool. Our team 8891F copied their ball collecting system

yea we were paired with 67891X and 8891F and got over 100 pts in each match. we were 57429b btw.
some other good teams are 127x Galactic, 127Z Batman, 10700B GMR.

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8891 is my team :grin:

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