What are the best ways to hold/pick up the most cubes?

Lifting a hopper full of 1/2 lb cubes is going to be… challenging.

Tank treads/conveyors for the win!


I plan to use several of these simultaneously for maximum cubeulation

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I like it…

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Sorry for posting on an old thread, but what’s the most precise way to picking up the cubes? Using an intake roller, or tank tread. In other words, which way requires the least precision?

Like driver precision?

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with rollers you can just sort of drive into cubes and you’ll gobble them up. so I would say rollers require the least amount of precision to pick up cubes

yes driver precision.

And as well as autonomous precision.

Intake rollers? 20 characters

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Yeah I’d say intake rollers too

Having reduced roller size (in terms of diameter) means that the intaking speed is reduced. It’s one of the main reasons you see robots like 448X,1727G, and our robot run a larger size intake roller to reduce the time the cube takes going through the intake.

How many motors do you use for your intake. And gear cartiridge?

We personally use a 2 motor intake with a 200 RPM cartridge, however we have also tried 100 RPM to increase the amount of cubes our intake can handle.

Which one worked better? And which one is easier to use, and better for the motors on the long run. Did you realize differences in power output? And do you have a picture of how it was mounted?

Well, I can only really guide people so far. Experimentation is key to understanding problems. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s very reasonable advice. I would have done the experimentation if I could however, I don’t currently have the robot on hand. And likely will not for another 2 weeks, And definitly will not for another 10 days.