What are the coolest things in RobotC?

In a couple weeks I’m going to be presenting a workshop, to teachers, on RobotC. I’m assuming that the teachers have familiarity with VEX, but not necessarily with C, and specifically not with RobotC.

I’ll be using the Virtual Worlds Sack Attack environment for a fair bit of the course (because the teachers are all familiar with the game) and plan to build a real-world Scooperbot and Clawbot for them to test their code on once it has been prototyped inside the computer.

So what are coolest things in RobotC? What tips and tricks do you have for teachers to share with their students? Do you have favorite functions or routines that you would like to share? Is there something you would specifically avoid?

Thanks for your suggestions!


Awesome things about RobotC.

  • An amazing debugger with live changeable variable values.
  • The ability to download in less than 5 seconds.
  • Gets you experience with a real programming language which can get you a job.
  • Allows you to get feedback on the programming without needing an actual robot (Virtual Worlds).
  • The ability to export values from a sensor to an excell spreadsheet for evaluation.
  • Much more control of the code allowing more efficient code.

All good points above. Here’s my 2 cents.

  1. It works directly with the Cortex, motors, and sensors without too much trouble (heavy caveats on the not too much). It does the job pretty well and pretty simply.

  2. It is a direct bridge to programming like you would be doing professionally versus graphical based programming. Yet it has a few things helping you along to not make it completely onerous on formatting use of vs ( on sensors and motor defintions. Pointers ahve been hidden for a while now but can be used. Memory stuff is pretty hidden which is daunting in regular old C.

  3. It allows you to bridge from easy to harder concepts like parallel tasks or including other function files as the kids learn more.

  4. It’s pretty fast in execution. No complaints here. Cortex is the limiter on memory. So not robot C’s fault.

Actually that’s not totally true. RobotC only allows you to use about 10kB of the 64kB of ram, and there’s no way their execution environment is filling up the rest of it.

One cool feature I like is being able to right click on a function name or variable and then select “Go to definition/declaration”. This moves you to the function (variable) declaration and opens a header (included) file if necessary.

I think that is my favorite feature. I use it all the time :slight_smile: I love ROBOTC.

I don’t know if this can be done in EasyC, but including other files is very nice for keeping your code nice and clean. That’s something I really like about ROBOTC.

We promote the VEX Cortex Video trainer as being a key advantage of RobotC as it is a fantastic resource for new programmers.