What are the differences in the upcoming high school world championship from how Vex Worlds 2019 was ran

Before I get yelled at for not using the “search” function, I do believe that a thread to discuss the new aspects of how the event will be ran is warranted. All I’ve seen of the online agenda is vague, but enough to suggest that things will be different. For example, does the round robin and final championship match still exist? In the agenda linked off of roboevents, it seems to be replaced by an overall playoff bracket. Will this be similar to how traditional playoffs are ran?

I think your questions will be answered in the 5 April town hall. All you will get here is rumor and innuendo. So I’d pull this and at 9PM on 5 April post “Wow, who though we would be doing double elims!”


Thanks! I had no clue that the town hall thing was how we were getting this information, so the post technically still did it’s job.