What are the dimensions of the cubes and stars

Me and my teams are wondering the dimensions of the cubes and stars to figure out how to properly build our robot. If someone could tell me that would be great.

Also how squishy are the cubes and stars?

All the dimensions are in this document:
link text

The stars are not very squishy. They are fairly firm. The cube is very squishy and when it is full of air takes some force to squeeze the air out. HTH!

Also, keep in mind that drive team members are not allowed to compress the cubes.

Though it is possible to push both stars and cubes under the fence without compressing them


Stars, yes, cubes, no. You would have to compress cubes with your robot.

But it would be legal. The rule only states that drive team members cannot compress them. It doesn’t say anything about robots compressing them

And out team has done this by just pushing the underneath of the cube, gradually squeezing it under the fence.
No compression needed. Just like 30 Seconds of moving back and forth

30 seconds seems like a long time to near score a cube

I think he’s trying to impress the point that you should just dump the cube over the fence

In regards to squeezing it under the fence, then yes.

Exactly my point

I was referring to the method that Natty was talking about.

We found this particularly useful in our first competition, where we didn’t have an anti-tip mechanism, so we couldn’t lift a cube, but could push one under in roughly ten seconds if there were no stars in the way