What are the guidelines for the Cameramen at Worlds?

Watching various videos of previous World Championships (like this one or this one) we’re curious what exactly the rules are for the camera.

Are there any guidelines at all for them to follow?

Is there a rule about “The camera will never remain static for more than ‘X’ seconds?”

Is the goal to feature the most interesting robot? The one doing the most on the field? The current leaders in score?

Is there a delay between what’s happening on the field, and on-screen? I can’t remember how much (if any) the screens were off by. Is it near a half-second? A full second?

Is there a chance that I could see the actual book/rules that are provided for them? We’d like to look over it, if that’s possible.

I know this is slightly unusual, but it would be great if we could get some answers. Please?

I’ve moved this question to the official World Championship Q&A.