What are the most important aspects I should look at in the game manual for spin up?

What are the chapters in the forum I should pay the most attention to? I don’t feel like reading everything. You can link plain chapters or a quick reference guide.

You can get away with not reading all of appendix A and C. But other than that, read the whole thing.


All right, thank you! :slight_smile:

Are there any specific chapters that have extra significant chapters?

If you are going to skip out on reading the rules I would at lest suggest reading. < S1> & < G1>

ok you could skip out on the tournament rules for now

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Alright! I’ll take a look.

If you’ve read through the entire thing before (previous years) you could get away if you only read the SG and SC rules. However, if you haven’t read through it read G, R, and S rules as well.

just read the whole thing you could have been done already now.


its cuz im kinda lazy ngl lmao

Ah, yes a key trait of laziness, doing more work so you don’t have to do something then it would have taken to do that thing in the first place.


good luck mustering the effort to build a robot if you can’t even read the rules.


Also note, this a very important skills to have as an engineering. I love my engineers trying to be lazy and cut corners.

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Locking this topic because it went from “Read the manual” to “I’m lazy, lol”.

Third bullet of the Keep it Tidy section.