What are the new GPS sensor strips for?

I’ve been trying to find the answer, but I still can’t figure out what the GPS sensor strips are… The first time I really noticed them was at the state championship in NorCal, but I just thought it was to track the robots by the organizer.
What are they for, and how can robots access them?


You can use a GPS sensor to detect the strips. This is used for skills auto to track your robots position on the field.

They use the V5 GPS module. It uses a camera it has to scan the strips and use the info it gets to determine the position of the robot on the field at all times. It’s really useful for auton skills since you can make the movements and angles exact while going at full speed.

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And it’s going to always be on the autonomous field for tournaments?

Yeah there should be always at least one field with the strips at all tournaments

If your bot doesn’t use the gps, the strips won’t harm you at all. It’s only there for those teams that want to take advantage of it

Is there a way to see which teams have used it in their autonomous routine?

It’d be safe to assume that if a team has the gps sensor there’s a big chance they’re using the strip

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