What are the replacements for the discontinued 276-2577 90 degree gussets

Marked as discontinued and out of stock. What is the replacement part for this?


Your photo confirms my issue. This item is discontinued and out of stock. What is the replacement?

The photo confirms the issue and provides the replacement.

276-7761 replaces 276-2577.


The new ones look very low profile, but they look less structurally sound to me unless I am mistaken. What was the logic behind switching designs? Is it a financial decision, design improvement, or both?

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The new gussets are capable of being mounted in more places, and utilize the full square slot. This allows them to be used with 1 or 4-Post Nut Retainers to create a really rigid joint.

The larger slots are nice-to-haves. Iā€™m sure all of you know that the VEX Mechanical system can be imperfect to assemble together at times. Using screws in square holes can create some mechanical slop/lash in assembly, so these gussets were designed in conjunction with the 1/4-post nut retainers to help eliminate this.


Can always cut ones from flat vex plate. Could use steel for even more strength.

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