What are the rules om cutting materials?

The rules on the topic of cutting materials (such as axles) are a bit unclear. Could anyone clarify?

You can cut just about anything.

Unless the rules say “you must not do …” then usually it’s ok.

Mr. Pearman is right. Cutting, even like this, is legal.

1:46 is the sweet look at their mechanism.

Just no heat treating or annealing. But pretty much bend em and cut em all you want. (metal, not sensors)

Anyone bent a HS shaft yet? (to a purposeful 90 degree bend I mean)

Just a quick question, as I don’t remember the answer. Are you allowed to bend the arm on a limit switch.

Well they bend pretty much on their own if you look at them funny. They are quite fragile.

We’ve had teams bend them at times and never got a funny look in inspections.

Yes… bend them at your will. It’s designed to be bent.