What are the side effects?

I was wondering what are the side effects of screwing a screw into a bevel gear for the differential assembly. does it weaken the square drive hole or do you even need the screw in the differential assembly

nevermind i decided to use a 6/32 screw instead

Under normal use you shouldn’t need to screw any of the bevel gears into the differential. Whats your problem are the gears falling out? Normally you put two gears in and the third one pops in with a little force.

well i just saw that picture jat jvn posted of the limmited slip differential back when they cam out and i just figured you need a screw in there

Ah ok, well there is a screw in there because that is a special kind of differential. I don’t know too much about it but the idea behind a differential is that one wheel can travel faster than the other, like when a car turns. The problem is that if one wheel gets off the ground it has to potential to spin out of control. So the idea behind a limited slip differential is that by putting some resistance in there the wheel that is stuck will still get some power instead of it all going to the wheel that is freely spinning.

well i guess mine is just there for precautions now 6/32 bolts go in the square holes very nicely with out chewing it up For future reference.