What are the strangest roles that you've heard of when scouting?

There was one person that told me that they were the “Deputy Parts Grabber” .



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Well, I can’t really speak to hearing this while scouting, but I’ve told teams who’re scouting us this. So, last year, we were a team of 5. We had driver, coder, builder, notebooker, and a man simply known as ‘The Intern’. He did all the grunt work we didn’t want to, and he brought snacks, so we weren’t about to complain.
Edit: He also still has all of our Starbucks orders memorized.


We were once told by a pushbot in tp that they complimented our robot very well.


I was that pushbot(not literally, I just had a bad pushbot, and told teams that i complemented them well)

We are all guilty of this. During Turning Point, when I was 2158A, my team, a defense oriented bogie drive with a roller on the front, also known as the world’s most advanced pushbot, convinced 59990Z, one of the best teams in the region, to pick us, putting us with them at the #2 Alliance spot. That alliance then proceeded to upset the #1 alliance, which was our much better sister team and 26982E, in finals. So I guess being a very well-complementing pushbot worked.


Am I the only one that never built a push bot.


I’ve actually built 2. Beat that!

the teammate that fetches parts is referred to as “screw monkey” for us.


I think we called one of our teammate a minor deity in our journal


There was this magnet school team that had a bunch of girls that didn’t even try to be part of the team. At competitions they would sit at a table and make greeting cards with embossing powder and brush pens. They claimed to be the ‘destressers’ of the team.


Seeing as I go to a magnet school, and am fairly dedicated to robotics, I feel offended.


Elaborate, please.


dang… I feel bad for you…

It was okay. The people who actually did things were good enough so it wasn’t a problem.

I can relate to not doing anything. That was me in Turning Point. My team was very dysfunctional.

Well, many if not most teams have that one person. I mean, I was that person before. But not doing anything doesn’t mean they’re not important. While I certainly do almost all the work (especially during gestures broadly) I don’t think I have me to be a one-man team. I need my teammates to keep me going and I’m falling apart a little without them.


I was a captain, programmer, and driver on a team of 9 last year. By our regional competition, one of my other teammates was labeled as the Matchinski de-stressor.

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