What are the ticks per revolution of an IME?

Obviously, IME’s don’t record 360 ticks per revolution. I looked online and on the official page for IME’s they say 627.2 ticks per revolution for torque motors, 392 ticks per revolution for high-speed motors, and 261 and 1/3 ticks per revolution for turbo motors. Of course, is this really true? What readings have you guys been… reading? I’m using two IME’s to track revolutions of my high-speed chassis motors (meaning I would prefer ticks per revolution for high-speed motors).

Here are links to sources I’ve checked out talking about this (two sources, wow I’m totally the best researcher):
Official Page
RoboMatters Page

Throughout both pages, they say high-speed motors have 392 ticks per revolution, but it doesn’t hurt to be a little suspicious.

It is 392 for high-speed, but it’s easily confirmed.

Fire up RobotC, load any simple program, make sure you have pragmas for IMEs, download to the cortex. Open the Sensors debug window. For one of the wheel motors with an IME, turn the wheel by hand. Turn it one revolution. Note how much it changes.