What are we calling the "snailbot" design?

but you see… flywheel bot or 2bc bot or puncher bot accurately described the type of shooter of the robot.

but… dunk bot… hood bot… and even snail bot… doesnt tell you anything about the scoring mechanism or in take, etc


He said /s, which means sarcasm.

Our team likes to call this design the “C Intake/Storage” design. This represents the shape of the intaking/storage system as balls are intake at the bottom, moved to vertical for storage and then spat back out the same way at the top.

Its not snail shaped, snail shells are spirals. Snail also implies its slow. Hoodbot and Dunkbot also have nothing to do with the design, mechanisms or actions of the design, so make no sense as a name either. Clear names please.


Vertical conveyor makes sense to me

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Lol Meng. You are completely correct.

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Honestly, I think the real question we should all be asking to our selves is
1. why are we arguing about how to make a robot design on a forum design to discuss vex.
2. why are we confining this one design to one single name. Every robot will always have its unique aspects (flavor) and I really don’t think we should confine it to one name

…Although if we were to really decide, snail bot sounds the best.

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i just realized how serious i sounded. I did not mean to sound this serious, i just don’t know why we’re arguing about this :rofl:

Once again, no matter how much credit I want SCA and Xenon to have, it’s not really any of our concepts. It was on vtow from day 1 and 210Y was working from day 1 as well.

I took these pictures in 2011, it’s older than that though, 08-09 season I believe, So the idea is fairly old.

Robot from Vex World’s 2011

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Yup… this is the very original snail design.
The one that I shared for round up was the 2nd gen.

So yes - it is like what we always say - there is nothing new under the sun.
So nothing to fight about :slight_smile:


yep. I’ll be interested to see how it’s implemented going forward.

“Rango Bot” has been spreading around the forum because some guy got hacked and it came up in a post.

someone made a single topic with it (not a hack, probably just someone on their account) doesn’t mean that rango bot is even remotely close to a name people are even considering using. lets keep the names at least somewhat reasonable.

It’s hilarious though






i am very passionate about Rango by Johnny Depp


My other is flywheel. You don’t need some brained name for a simple design that’s been made 1000 times lol.

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THe BeTter WaY tO conVEy sARcasM ThRoUGh teXt iS liKe thIS

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You don’t decide what the best way to convey sarcasm is. Lol

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ok agreed no one can decide


You are so funny lol

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they are most similar to a conveyor belt, so conveyor-bot. but i like snail bot also… we shall name ours ‘turbo’ after the snail in that movie…