What are you naming your robot?

I thought I’d ask, are you naming your robot nomnom (or similar) or something else?

We didn’t actually name our, robot, other people at our competition did. It was a pretty even split between “Monsterbot” and “The Beast.”

Our robot is named The Chabot III. It’s the last name of our mentor.


One of our members came up with the name, not knowing everybody else had a similar name :slight_smile:

Singularity… :stuck_out_tongue:

We named our Seth… Well Seth II now but that is besides the point

Mine is named… V3… (With V2 and V1 being it’s predecessors)… so creative :cool:

Ours is the Unicomplex… I’m completely borgifying my robot!

We have:

The Turbanator

We named our robot from last year “Johnny 5”

(Primarily because it seemed like our cortex was self aware…lol)


Our robots are named Kevin and Gary after two of our mentors.

We named him Floyd,

We’re gonna paint him dark pink and black.:cool:

Most fail Poll Ever. Also I don’t name bots until they are finished.

We named our robot “The Empire”. We had a couple other names for previous rebuilds, but they no longer fit our robot.

Haha, I would certainly agree there. Apprently “nomnom” aren’t quite as commom as I thought they would be…

One of ours is Calhoun the Unicorn.

You can guess which one it is.

Our robots are named FILSS (pronounced Fill-iss) and Theta. We side tracked this year from using human sounding names.


Clinically Obese Giraffe…

Our robot is named “HAL.” We did it so we could have this moment:
Opponent: “Please, have mercy!”
HAL: “I’m sorry, Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

Andy (4300A)
Baloo (4300B)and
Rover (4300R)