What are you naming your robot?

Doomba/Roomba depending on who you ask

ours is brian … and our team name is kugelblitz … it is meant 2 be funny, but i dont really get it …

(other team members decided it)


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kugelblitz Would that help lol? it’s an old German AA-tank.

right … ok … that is pretty good then


This year the programming students name the robots. It is loosely based on the drive train and/or basic ability of the robot.
They name them mostly for the distinction of coding.
Currently they are named;
ChooChoo MoFo, Raichu, Thomas and Crabby, and a few other names keep kicking around that I can’t keep straight. :slight_smile:
I name just them A bot, B bot, etc., based on the plates they are assigned when the build is completed.

Happy Holidays!

I am naming my robot…


who would have guessed haha?

Aloha TikiTech

“MoFo” is an unusual name. Is this a Hawaiian name?
It is certainly vastly more inspired than the majority of boring teams in this poll who just named their robot “Other”. “NomNom” looks to be relatively original in comparison.

Given the poll results, with >90% of all robots named “Other”, have you considered shortening “MoFo” down to “oFo”? May not be possible, as “oFo” may mean something rude in Hawaiian - I’m not sure?

After we saw the poll results, we changed the name of our robot from “Other” to “The Robot”. From the poll, it seems there are a lot of ex “NomNom” bots out there who have shared a similar fate. “Other”, and even “NomNom”, were just too overused for our liking, so we went for something punchy that no one else would have…

Happy holidays to you also :slight_smile: , Paul

Not sure if you are joking? :confused: But other just means that it isn’t named NomNom (or similar).
I’m pretty sure you’re joking…

We are the only “NomNom” right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Our robot was the first to be named Other, and we really don’t appreciate all of you just stealing our name.


We didn’t mean to steal it. I hadn’t even thought of it till one of our team members said “Om-Nom”, then I remembered your robot was called something similar. Everyone liked it, so we stuck with it.

We named our robot Karel, after the Czech writer who coined the term “robot.”

Howzit Paul,

Um no, MoFo means what you think it might. The robot that has this name is a beastly, close to 20lbs, robot. It hits other robots like a freight train. Funny considering we have not had a train system in Hawaii since 1946. One can not be sure what the programming students were thinking at the time. Obviously they thought it was very funny. I had a real laugh at one of the tournaments we went to when an alliance asked why the robot was named that. I was not aware anyone knew it outside the team. Turns out the programming team has it displayed on the LCD. Talk about having to dance around the MoFo part… :slight_smile:

have a safe and happy holidays!


We usually don’t name robots but this year we have one named Clicky and Tippy Jr. at our club. Last year we had a bot named Chuck but that is about it.