What are your favorite roles?

After you put in your answer for the poll, tell me about why you like that role. You can chose up to 2!

  • Notebooker
  • Driver
  • Program
  • Designer
  • Builder
  • Other
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I’m designer and notebooker. I love being designer because I kind of start the trajectory of my team by choosing the first design, and I am notebooker because I am the only team member who knows how to notebook. Sigh…

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For me, I am my team’s programmer and notebook documenter. I would say that both roles have their pros and cons, just like any other role of course. Overall, both are enjoyable in my opinion because I enjoy keeping my team on track and problem solving! I also enjoy observing how programming commands help with the robot’s movement and what happens if I change it.


I mostly do building and programming on my team while I help my teammates with notebook and drive comp or skills (based on past years). I love building the robot because it allows me to learn more techniques and it also helps me code as I know all the components. Moreover, programming is a lot of trial and error but it pays off once your auton works. Of course every role has its ups and downs but each of them are unique and fundamental to the team.

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How are there cons to roles?

Well, if you take it into consideration, team roles do have their cons, but they also have their pros. For instance, programming can require a lot of patience, but it’s rewarding once it is functioning. Notebook documenting can be time consuming, but it’s also really nice to see how far your team has come along your journey. I hope that makes sense?

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I am a mechanic and I love being one, I think it is very fun to build a robot. I think that construction is one of the fields within Vex in which the most things can be learned and it is a very beautiful process in my opinion.

It has some negative points from my point of view, on many occasions you work under a certain pressure, since in general, if your team does not have a secondary robot, the programming and driving team cannot function without a built robot.

My secondary role is a driver, and I honestly love it. I love the fact that I can drive the robot that I have built before. I get the feeling that since I am the person with the most experience in construction on my team, I can notice the most important flaws that the robot has regarding driving. I think that driving has no negative point, except for the responsibility that lies in your hands while you are driving in the competition.

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I wouldn’t consider patience a con. Maybe a better word would be that jobs are challenging in different ways. I could never be driver because I’m not good with a controller. However, my ability to think and analyze makes me a good fit for a designer job.


Now that you mention this, I do somewhat agree. I was implying to the fact that programming can take a while to debug, especially if the error isn’t spotted right away. That was what I meant for my example.

But overall, yes, all roles have their pros and cons, and all participants have their strengths and weaknesses. It’s up to the team and its individuals to determine team roles based on the factors of interest and skill, which would help to increase team determination and success rates.

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I am my teams main programmer and my favorite part is how flexible I can be with it. Despite not attending most meeting for the full time, I can still significantly contribute to the team by coding at home and testing when I get the chance.

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I mostly do notebook because I was assigned to make one before States (we were really good at planning ahead) during my first year and did a decent enough job that I ended up doing it this year as well. Main con is either motivating myself to do it or motivating my team to take pictures of everything so I actually know what’s going on.
I also am the main scout for my team at competition, so I spend lots of time talking to other teams (which I love) and making it sound like our team knows what we’re doing.


For me, I am a builder and a programmer. I love what I do, it is my passion to build and code, I also like designing.

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I love every part of the robot-creating process as I was a one-man show for a few years and had to do everything. But I have to say programming and notebooking can get tedious and repetitive sometimes.
Building is in my opinion the most interesting and enjoyable part but driving is the most exciting part as it’s not very repetitive as every match is different.

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I love any other role on the team! Might sound weird/strange, but I like doing the notes giving parts to the builders and keeping up with the game manual. ALL roles play a equal amount of time and effort to become a team. :smiley:

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I’m not on a team at the moment, but my preferred roles are builder/designer because I have always liked building things and having a role in design the robot helps with building when you need to innovate because you know the intention for every part.

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