What are your opinions on wall bots

Me personally i dont know much about them and havnt went up against one but i dont think they will be that big of a deal you can always just push them and stuff but i dont think they will be doing much to change the game

I personally think that wallbots are deadly if left untreated. Especially with norcals wallbot. I think dedicated antiwallbot measures are going to have to be taken this year


Keep in mind, wallbot teams can only qualify for worlds through the tournament unless they make another robot which would be a difficult timeframe.

But also keep in mind that they can stop you from qualifying.


Am I missing something? They can still win awards? Online Challenges? Skills score if high enough done by second robot.

Or they could only build the wall bot for worlds?


At this point I only have the Norcal wallbot to reference, so my conclusions are based on this specific type of wallbot. Obviously, as someone who worked on that wallbot, I’m a little biased in favor of wallbot designs.

Just in terms of wallbot design, I think we’ve done a good job of showing that it’s possible to make 11lbs walls that are really, really hard to move. The other aspect of a good wallbot that I think our design demonstrates is the use of motors in a constructive way - even after the walls deploy, you’ve still got 2 4m tetherbots to contend with.

There might even be a bigger driver skill/psychological factor at play. I think there is a non-negligble “unknown” factor that is introduced when playing against wallbots. When you’re playing against a normal metabot, you can safely make a lot of assumptions about their gameplay - where they’ll be on the field, how much interaction there might be between robots, etc. In other words, it’s pretty easy to “practice” for a normal metabot competition match from the comfort of your robotics meeting.

With a wallbot, I think the average metabot is just absolutely outmatched. It’s all well and good to come up with some hypothetical, convoluted counter-wallbot strategy, but how much can you realistically practice against a wallbot without having an actual wallbot to play against? The team that builds a good wallbot knows exactly what their opponents will be like - this information imbalance, in my mind, strongly favors the wallbot.

As of right now, I’m rooting for wallbots. I’ll be excited to see teams building in anti-wallbot mechanisms into their bots :slight_smile:

As a final note, perhaps the last bastion of hope is the rules manual update scheduled to come out today. The GDC may have decided to come in and nerf wallbots, in which case this entire discussion might become a moot point.



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I don’t think there’s any reason a wallbot team couldn’t have a good notebook and be in the running for the Design Award, which is often a qualifying award. I know that the Design Award is meant primarily for documentation of the design process, but I can’t help but think that having as crazy a design as a wallbot might actually give you an advantage in the judging process.


hi. i have a q for you, what does wallbot do?

Not much of anything. It just makes other bots unable to do anything either :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel I wasn’t specific enough, by saying through the tournament, that means elims, excellence, design, or whatever else qualifies. Idk if this is strange but I consider skills separate from that

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like what though?:thinking:

Design is also sometimes done as second place for excellence though which means that you’d need a decent skills score

ok, and anything else wallbot can do? like shooting balls or something?

I think what @Bobtheblob_5327B said earlier stands. In ITZ, 62A was a great team, and I think a part of their success was that not many people had defensive robots that season

I’m not sure if you’re joking, so I’ll answer this seriously.

No, a wallbot probably won’t be shooting balls, especially not in Tower Takeover where there are no balls to shoot.

That is not to say that a wallbot will have 0 offensive capability. As we documented in our FAQ, the NorCal wallbot’s tank drive tetherbot actually had a 2m differential arm that was left basically unused due to time constraints in the RI3D. This would be a great candidate for a place to add a basic 4 cube stack or low-height tower scorer to the robot.


even the scissor bar robot?

how do you get a decent skllis score?

Build a Skills bot…