What are your skill strategies?

Hey I was just wondering what all your skill strats are. I have one for code and one for skills. In total it gets 108 points.

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Here is a video of our skills strategy scoring 242 points.

Our programming skills strategy is just the purple row with three completed stacks for 102 points (we will release a video soon). We do the middle stack first and then the one closest to the starting position. Lastly we do the far stack.

Can we talk about teamwork in here too? Or should I make a new topic/try to revive Riseabove strategies?

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I made a topic on this, Riseabove strategies. Please use the search bar before making a topic.

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Umm… that topic doesn’t really have much in it about skills, that topic is more about strategies and doesn’t focus much on skills, whereas this is a dedicated skills thread.


It could be revived, but I agree, it is mostly spam. I wanted to talk about teamwork strategies as well, because I thought they were more complex than skills strategies, so that is why I am asking about teamwork.

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I made a topic talking about all strategies, Thats why I never said Riseabove Teamwork strategies. We are still thinking about our skills

Also wut r ur guys starts for code? I am using a sandstorm bot and want a higher scoring code. Any suggestions?

Can you elaborate on what you have already or if you are just starting? Also, what score are you getting already? Getting 102 in programming skills is good, and honing that in will work wonders at an event. There is only one auton on robotevents that is over 80, just for comparison.


We are haveing an updste to our robot, and I think the arm is gonna look like that

sorry i meant strategies not starts