What awards qualify for state this year?

Which awards qualify for the Colorado state championship this year? Last season Excellence, Design, Skills, and a few other awards qualified for state, but my coach told me that this year design award doesn’t qualify for state. Is it possible that design award could qualify for state in certain tournaments or instances?

Every state and every event can be different. REC Foundation Event Engagement Managers (EEM) determine the size of the state finals and count the number of events feeding into it. They also look at the size of the events.

Let’s say that a state finals has 48 spots and there are 10 events feeding it - it may be four awards for each (40) with a few (8) reserved for teams with top skills scores. If some of the events have 16 teams where others have 48, then they may adjust the allocation and give more spots to the larger events because it impacts more teams.

Do a search on RobotEvents.com for IQ and narrow it down to the Colorado region. You should be able to search through the events and look at the advancing awards.