What awards qualify for states and worlds

What awards qualify for states and worlds

Welcome to the forum! Your question can not be defined by one solid answer, as most states differ in what qualifies. What always qualifies in all of those are Tournament Champion, and Excellence.

Some others that may also qualify include:

  • Tournament Finalist
  • Design
  • Skills Champions
  • Innovate
  • Build
  • Create

O.k., Thank you. I really need this.

This depends on your region’s spot allocation for the World Championships, which get released closer to the beginning to the start of the season so the RECF can get a better picture of the number of teams per region registered to play.

Teams will find the events they want to attend on RobotEvents.com. Each event page will have a navigation tab labeled Awards which will specify those that “Qualifies for” the next level.

Example: RE-VRC-21-5230