What bearing is best?

Which one is better? Ball bearings or bearing flats?

There is no best bearing. You don’t want to use ball bearing everywhere on your robot. That is unnecessary weight and space. Ball bearing can certainly attain lower friction in certain scenarios, most notably being HS shafts.


I’d only really use ball bearings on high-speed objects, like your flywheel and/or flywheel if you have one. Outside of those, pretty much everywhere else you have an axle running through should use a bearing flat

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@9MotorGang I agree. I think that ball bearings should be used on shooters though because using HS shafts would provide more stability overall and the ball bearings would help reduce friction which would make a good shooter.

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The only situation you should be using a ball bearing this season is on a flywheel. Anywhere else it is not needed. Using bearing flats that are drilled out because the normal ones not drilled out has a hole too small

What size drill bit would you recommend using?

An 11/64" Drill Bit would be the exact measurement, if 11/64" doesn’t work then try 12/64".

Meant indexer instead of the second flywheel. That somehow skipped my mind at the time, apologies for any confusion