What bot do you have and why?

I have noticed Vex forum has way too many meme posts and want to know what bots people are building, what unique aspects they have, and why. (Please also add reveals to this page.)


My school has 3 bots, one doesn’t exist yet, one is a WIP tray, and the other is a cascade monstrosity that I’ve been over hyping here for far too long.

For the cascade bot we have a 4 motor drive, a 1 motor cascade (comparable to a 75% speed dreadnaught ATM), a 1 motor intake, 1 motor stacker, 1 motor chain bar+passive release, and an additional 2 passive locks.
As seen by our motor distribution, we have a very complex and unique design. So far we haven’t hit too many roadblocks, but the design just feels like a huge time bomb.

Our teams have several years of experience, but we’ve never taken it seriously enough to qualify for anything. I’m doing my best to break that this year - it seems like a good start.


This sounds pretty good. I’m not in love with lifts right now. Beginning of the season I was going crazy about lifts like they were the best thing ever, but now I’ve rethought it. If you are going to make a lift make sure it is very motor efficient, light, and cube intake speed is fast. Otherwise, don’t. Sounds like you know what you know what you are doing.

Understandable, it seems like that’s been the general takeaway from most of the community, but I think they serve their purpose. I forgot to add it, but we are hoping the lift won’t have to actually carry any load greater than 3 cubes (Huge stacks aren’t lifted, but they do pass through the lift’s mechanisms), so we should be able to focus on speed and reliability


You will have storage though right? Storage for lifts is essential, if you are already slower at picking up cubes, than you should also not be bad at holding them.

yeah. That’s where our 1 motor stacker comes in. It stacks and stores the stack until the lift and its chain bar get around to placing the stack.

EDIT: Dang right this lad is a meta-breaker. That’s why it won’t work for some unforeseen reason :stuck_out_tongue:

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4m X drive 2m lift 2m intake lift tray tower focused robot. 4 cube capacity
4m mecanum 2m lift 2m intake tube hybridized design. 4 cube capacity
3m H drive 2m lift 2m intake 1m tilter lift tray tower focused design. 8 cube capacity

E: I’m N team. I chose lift tray because the tower swap is very quick and the tray acts as a mag to allow cubes to be cached, making tower swapping quicker. It’s not too great of a design though because the lift demands motors away from the drivebase.


I am very confused.
20 char

20char 20 char

When the 2-bar fully extends, there will be nothing holding up the cubes, to gravity will do its thing and the cubes will slide down the tray. The 2-bar is the bar that goes through the large gear in the drawing.

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Yeah all of those bots are pretty hot. I like N’s the most though. All seem good. Good work!

That makes more sense.

I get what you mean. Are you planning anything special with the drivetrain? You have a bit more motor freedom with a simpler design. [6m drive 1m bar 1m intake?)

Thanks. I’m going to drop an unveiling of all three in a bit.

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If push comes to shove, we could, but we really want the extra intake power and lift power. If we stick with this design and do not make the lift a true DR4B (by converting the 2-bar to a 4-bar and adding a tray tilter), then we could use the 2 extra motors for our drivetrain.

I went with a simple tray because it’s the easiest to build and I want a 4 motor drivebase. I like it. It’s cool.


My team is having a tray bot with a moveable intake and a 2 motor drive. Then later (because we currently only have 6 motors) when we get 2 motors, we are taking out the moving part of the intake and transferring it to a DR4B., while also switching over to a 4 motor X-drive.


I would advise getting a spare motor or two. They like to randomly die sometimes.




I think this robot is very good. My team is doing something very different than the little arm things, but I like Mk. III it is built very well.

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