What bot do you have and why?

I’m doing a four cube claw on a four bar with a six motor drive, but that’s mostly cause due to other factors in my life I don’t have much time for VEX anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Teaser coming eventually.

Robot Specs
  • 2m rollers
  • 2m tilter
  • 2m arms
  • 6m 300rpm drive

We are on v5 btw.


Ratchets op.
Motor sharing op
Six motor drive op


The V5 ones?1?1 :scream:

Yeah. Just in case.
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Whats up 8995M its 333A! We partnered at Niles West you’d remember us. Are you doing dual transmission? Because we have tried that and almost got it to work. Your robot seems very similar specs wise to the dual transmission we built except it uses motors in a different variety. Our dual trans bot was 6 motor drive, 4 motor tilter, and 2 motor intake. I’d like to see the bot soon. Please dm me on what comps you guys are going to.


Ok I’ll just say it. Instead of having the little arm things for the towers we decided that a majority of teams would be using that so we are going with a 1 motor clamp for the top of the tray. This will apply pressure to the cubes so that they can’t move. This will allow for the tray to move at a faster rate which will increase stacking speed.

bruh how does 8995R find 8995M

We have our only working bot out of three. It is a DR4B with a forklift-like claw on the end. Works best for picking up cubes and putting them in towers. We can reach all but the center tower, and we can stack if needed. My favorite part of it is the MASSIVE bumper on the back. There’s a part that can extend if we so desire it and it allows us to perform pusher duties if needed. Bit of a lunk to carry and VERY reliant on rubber bands!

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