What building is the Championship in?

What building (or buildings) in the Sports Complex will the Championship be held in?

Will we be able to drop off our robots/equipment at the door?

We will be using the Josten’s Center, the HP Field House, and the Stadium. Some exhibits and related activities will be in the concourse around the Stadium. There’s no need to drop your robot off outside, once the doors open you can bring them into your pit area.

Thank you for the quick reply.

Are outside food/drinks are allowed in the pit area? (the different buildings seem to have different regulations…)

How close is the door of the pits to the parking area? If it is far away, is there a place we can “drop off” a team member and our equipment so we don’t have to carry everything a long distance through a parking lot?

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We’ll get back to you on this.

Here’s the Google satellite view of the complex. It looks like you could drop off gear about 100 yards(meters) from the venue. That’s closer than the parking garage was from the pits in Dallas – and no escalator to negotiate.

Thanks! :slight_smile: