What calibrate function to use for GPS sensor?

Hi! I want to run the calibration for the GPS sensor in pre-auton, but wasn’t sure which function to use. Should I use calibrate() or startCalibration()? Also are these functions just for calibrating the inertial sensor in the GPS sensor?

GPS dos not need calibration.


Right, I remember reading that in the product page, but doesn’t it use the inertial sensor to calculate some odometry in the background if it loses sight?

Sure, but the code the sensor is running is quite different from the inertial sensor. At one point it was going to be able to be used as a pure IMU running the IMU algorithm, but we felt that operational mode wasn’t necessary and just complicated use. Calling calibrate() doesn’t actually do anything other than set a small delay (200mS IIRC) that simulates calibration.


Ohh interesting! Good to know. Hmm I was still seeing some different behavior every once in a while but using the same code. Do you think that could just be random chance of getting a bad view of the code strip?

If the robot/sensor starts very close to the field strip, it’s important to set the initial position correctly so the sensor can quickly start using field strip data once it can see it.

most VEX sensor info is in the knowledge base.



Ahh I see! I’ll check the sensor view to see if my starting position has a good enough view of the code strip. Thanks for your help!

If I manually set the robot’s starting position and heading incorrectly, will the GPS sensor return the true absolute values once it gets a better view of the code strip?