What coding platform do you use to code?

So lately I’ve been in a dilemma on what coding platform to use. I want to use VEX Coding Studio because it worked for me last year, but now it’s giving me issues with the bot in terms of the drive code

(It’s tank mode btw. The error is that if the left side moves first, both sides can move forward, but if the right side moves first, the left side doesn’t move. The actual code isn’t giving me any errors so I don’t know what the problem is.)

On the other hand, I want to use VEX TEXT because that seems like what everyone else is using. However, it gives me a bunch of errors that I don’t understand and can’t resolve.

I also don’t want to use PROS because 1) I don’t know how to download it on pc OR mac and 2) there’s not enough time for me to learn an entire new language of formatting and whatnot.

My question is this: What coding platform do you use and why? Is it giving you any kind of trouble?

I NEED AS MANY ANSWERS AS POSSIBLE TO MAKE AN ACCURATE DECISION. Please don’t hesitate to put down your thoughts! :smiley:

You can try using Vex Code text. You can configure a drive train in Vex Code. If you have any errors try searching around and then try asking on the forum.

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Obligatory don’t use VCS, use VEXcode

Could you post your error here? A ton of people on the forum are really knowledgeable and can probably solve your issue.


Use VEXcode Pro is the way to go for two reasons:
a) vex coding studio is way out of date and is not the best way to go.
b) There are many resources for VEXcode Pro including the built in tutorials, YouTube videos, and many knowledgeable people.

I use PROS for skills and VEXcode Pro for Competition, and I love them both. I started with PROS and picked up VEXcode Pro with little trouble. If I had any trouble at all I was able to get though it because of the resources in the community.

Ask for help and someone will give it to you, or at least point you in the right direction.

  1. Upgrade to VexCode, at the very least.

  2. PROS uses the same language, all that is different is the API, and okapi is easy to get started with. There are plenty of tutorials, for both installation and making your robot do things.


Update!! I updated VexCode to VexCode PRO and it successfully builds. I don’t have the robot with me right now so I don’t know whether or not it works, but it’s progress. Thank you so much for all the helpful info! :)) <33


Glad it is working! If you need more help, post here or look at different posts in the forum.

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