What color license plate?

This could be a stupid question, but we’ve never been to a tournament before, so here it goes…
The bot has to have two ID plates installed to pass an inspection. What color are they supposed to be?

You will be switching between two color license plates based on which alliance your schedule to compete as. Your license plates need to be visible on opposite sides of the robot.


You need two sets, one red and one blue. If you are placing one over the top of the other when you are changing alliances the other color needs to be covered up with tape/paint/etc. if is is visible through the robot.


Watch some competitions on Youtube or if possible, go see one in person. If you look at past event on RobotEvents you will see under the results tabs the matches and how teams are randomly assigned to alliance color during qualifying matches, and during eliminations following brackets…

You mean, install 2 of each color and then remove two that are of the wrong color before each alliance match?

As mentioned - two of your alliance color for that match need to be visible. Opposing color should not be on robot or visible.

You need: 2 blue plates and 2 red plates

You will only ever have 2 plates on the robot at a time. Your robot will either have 2 red plates, or 2 blue plates, depending on what color you will be for that match (which you will find on your schedule). Between matches, if you switch colors, you will need to switch license plates. It doesn’t matter what color you choose for the inspection, just pick one or the other.

Hope this helps!