What Command do you do to start Auton?

What Command do you do to start Auton and do you need Curly brackets at the beginning at the end like any other statement? I am in Vex C++ not C++ pro.

And do you put it inside the While True Statement that you used for your motors?

I highly recommend you open up the competition template, copy the entire thing, create your own new program, and paste that whole competition template into your program as a starting point.

Thankyou. What do they mean by pre autonomous functions?

Those are the things you run when starting up your robot before the autonomous period has even started. For example, maybe your program asks which team you’re on and you press the screen to tell it. Or maybe you’re using a gyroscope and it starts up and calibrates at that time.

Would I really need that because I am only using a Sonar sensor ( At this point)

If you want to test your Auton program you can just write the codes in the main() function without a while(1). In this way, it will only run for one time.
But if you just want to test the Sonar sensor ,I suggest put it in a while(1) (in the main() of course)
During competitions, the competition template is necessary.

Can I test it in the Competition Template with my other code?

And what pre-auton actions would I need for my sonar sensor?