What constitutes an organization?

Clarification regarding the VIQC Qualifying Criteria document, specifically the Event Criteria section, point #7.

I coach teams at an international school where the elementary, middle, and high divisions are on one campus. Each division functions autonomously, as a school would in a district? Would the school as a whole be considered a district and each division be considered a separate “school”? If so, the middle division IQ teams should have a different number compared to the elementary division IQ teams, correct?

These teams will not meet together and will be coached by different people. I will over see both teams and coach the middle school team. An elementary school teacher will coach the elementary.

Thank you for your input!

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At our school in Auckland, we have the same number for the whole school (3428) if that is what your asking, could you post a link to the document you are referring to.

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Link to the document I mentioned:

VIQC Qualifying Criteria 2019-2020

Page 3, #7 under Event Criteria.

We’re not a school, but rather a community team. We use the same number for elementary IQ through HS VRC.

I think I found at https://www.roboticseducation.org/documents/2018/06/vrc-qualifying-criteria-appendix-b.pdf
a District is an area with multiple schools
an organization is a school/club that can host multiple VIQC middle school or Elementry Teams

Each school in a district is recognized as a different organization and should have their own set of team numbers. Sec 6, Event Criteria, VIQC Qualifying Criteria document

this does not mean that you have to have a different number for middle school or elementary

hope this answers your question if not maybe ask on official Q&A.


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I like the continuity of having the same number for elementary, middle, and high. My greater concern is the part in the document where it discusses “If a Tournament has fewer than 6 organizations registered, no organization may have more than
33% of the total number of registered teams”

If you compete in an area where there a lot of IQ teams and tournaments are large, this probably wouldn’t effect you. However, there are very few IQ teams were I teach/coach. I think for now, this might not affect us. I’m looking more down the road.

These will be new teams and I need to make the right decision that will not have a negative impact later as IQ grows in our country.

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you can’t avoid this rule even if you have different team numbers

Organizations are defined by the location of the
hosting school or group. Having multiple team numbers or listing different names when a group
meets together does not constitute a separate organization. Sec 6, Event Criteria, VIQC Qualifying Criteria document


Thanks for your input!

I’ll take your advice and post in the official Q & A.

all goods, but i won’t be surprised if you get the same answer :smile: