What customization have you made to your robot for aesthetic purposes?

Im curious on what you guys have done to your robot to make it more distinct and original :D.

we have added LED’s at some points, also, we haven’t done this yet but others have and we plan to soon, we want to add some side decals on the chassis plates.
last years 1727B had a full on face, with a plastic tongue and glowing ping-pong ball eyes complete with bushy white eyebrows

We did a few things for our last competition
License plate flipper:

Autonomous Switch:

And some other stuff.

I think it needs a hat or something.

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I am thinking about Christmas lights! They would a festive cheer!

Or a big red nose that lights up when you have balls in your robot. (With legal parts of course xD)

maybe a custom formed Plexiglas screen that is tinted with legal lights…

you forgot about our ratchet plate, although to be fair the original one was pretty janky

Recently just bought a vex speaker. We are planning to play a sound for different auton code selection and when we shoot balls in it plays a song

Some of my favorites from our club over the years:

Cool auton selector! (partly functional)

Richard Nixon! And my joke of “you won’t have this robot to push around any more” fell on deaf ears. What do they teach these kids?!

Uni-gi-pega-corn (combo unicorn/Giraffe/pegasus of pure evil) Can’t see it too well in this picture but made from Vex parts. As influenced by Andy Samberg’s short: http://www.hulu.com/watch/42614

While not on a robot, it is quite a decoration: Andrew’s pants (2011 Mentor of the year)

Sounds like a fun idea, you should add lights that flash to the music.
I was thinking something similar, only I was wondering if I could make my robot shoot to music, thankfully the fire rate is high enough.

I’m going to post a robot reveal for our team soon and Ill show you how I’m gonna implement sensors with speakers

We just made ours ‘normal’ lol XD

Our robot has two LED strips, and one of them we can switch to a blinking mode that blinks to the beat of the music.

We where trying to get a few pieces anodized this year as it is my senior year. I spent months researching and getting the materials. It then took about a week before we got a piece to anodize. We where going for a neon green but we kept on getting forest and puke green.
It was a lot of fun, but it kind of fell off the face of the earth when school started. Maybe I will post some of our results later. Hopefully we will get a robot reveal posted soon too!

We are probably just going to spray paint a few bars in the spring.

Here are the pictures. Maybe black would have been easier. Our garage looked like a meth lab for 2 months.
This is what we where going for color wise. Don’t judge :slight_smile: this was a very early CAD drawing.
Assembly 2.2.JPG

Here are some of the bars we tried to anodize.
Some came out surprisingly well with consistent color, but some did not.

like this one

@Collin Stiers Might be a good idea to put robot functionality over appearance

Depends on how far down your ranked in alliance selection. XD
I would say the robot design process should look like this: . 1 Design robot. 2 Build robot. 3 Perfect robot. 4 code robot. 5 Make robot look awesome!

Code robot should be before perfect robot, but yes, I agree.

I agree with these comments. Though, we did this because it ended up being a lot of fun and we wanted to do something different as it is my senior year. Things like this can also bring some attention to you at nationals and worlds which can help you in the finals. Maybe it’s not important to look cool but it is important to have fun! :slight_smile:
reference my signiture / :wink:

How can you perfect a robot without code? For us, code is a huge part of our robot.