What Design Do you Have and Why?

  • Complex Tray
  • Simple Tray
  • Tray on DR4B
  • Claw on DR4B
  • Tube
  • Other(do elaborate below)
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Use the poll to say which design you are using now that we’re more into the season. As far as why that’s what the thread is for. If someone’s switched designs that would be excellent for feedback purposes. Keep it civil.


complex tray because it’s really good.

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We have a claw on a dr4b so we can get towers easier than most and sometimes higher stacks.

Our Design is a plow with 1 bar. this is our first year and we are coming in with little experience.

Simple tray because it was really easy to nake

Heck it all,

Cascade with 2 stackers, 3 passive locks, and a chain bar

(Bot 3 planned also with 3 passives)


We have a complex tray because our DR4B clawbot could not lift off of the ground (like only a couple inches).

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Simple tray because my team is broke and it seemed like the easiest to build with steel.

Wait… is this for classroom or tournament.
Because aluminum is almost always better than steel. Unless you’re broke. Then use steel.

Leeks? I’ll send you some.

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This is for competition. We are just super low on parts and won’t get any aluminum pieces longer than 7 holes for at least another month.


we went with complex tray to mainly do well in qualification matches. If we are a very viable and competitive complex tray (like how we functioned at our last comp), we can rank pretty high and get pretty OK alliances.


I have 2 18" long vertical flappers on chain. They are spaced out to hold cubes between and they are mounted on the end of my 6-bar lift. In this way I can hold up to 3 cubes, as well as score and descore in any tower other than the tall one. I can also score into the tall goal but not descore.

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We have a simple tray because we felt it was the best for skills.

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In skills, you need to score towers. Towers are big in skills because one cube affects all (eg. all cubes are the same color in skills)

But in skills, you can plan out when your tray fills up and score in a tower, since you’re the only robot on the field.

What makes a tray simple or complex?

Simple trays have no way of scoring towers besides pushing out the back, complex have a lift of some sort to score towers.


Okay then simple tray

Indeed, which is precisely why we chose a simple tray over a complex tray.