What diameter are these wheels?

What are these two SKUs? What are the diameters?



Are you sure you typed those correctly? I can’t find any results for them in the vex website.

I was thinking the same, that is why I posted here. I found the SKUs from the “Crunch Build Instructions”.

Ah, Okay. So the Omni wheels, 276-6298-000, have a diameter of 4.125 inches. The Tractions wheels, 276-6299-000, have a diameter of 4 inches.


Thank you so much. Any idea on why the SKUs are different?

No Idea. They may have just been changed, I guess. The crunch instructions are from last year, so they may just be outdated.

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Just to clear this up, the Crunch build instructions use the SKU’s for the new, grey wheels. These aren’t yet available for purchase on the website, as we still have inventory of the “old” green wheels available.

Once that inventory has been sold, the SKU’s will change to what is shown in the instructions.


Important to note, when using the foam tiles, the omni wheels sink into the foam somewhat, This makes the omni wheel diameter smaller than on a hard surface.

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