What did you do with your hubs for Next Level?

I have a dozen plus teams with game elements. The vex parts I can use, what are you doing with the hubs?

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throw them away

20 char

If you can’t find any other use for them, one idea would be to give one to each student (depending on how many you have).

If you don’t have enough for everyone, you could limit it to the students who put in the most work.


We have a booth at the Monroe County Fair, and we give them to kids who visit us.


Make up new games…


I kept loads of Bankshot Balls and now they are coming in handy. Keep them for the 2024-2025 game, Cotton Reel Capers.


When our seniors graduate, the whole team signs game elements to give to them. Maybe you could do something similar for kids who are moving away or going into EDR the next year.


I “bedazzle” them and give them to the students as trophies for being on the team. What I have left over I’ll hang onto for a while to see if they can come in handy.


I used them as part of a trophy I made for my dayghter as a congrats for making it to worlds.

Extras left over after that we are planning to use for an obstacle course to practice driving.


Stored them away, might be used in a future game.

We have a booth for an exhibition at the Monroe County Fair, and we give them to the kids as “prizes” when they drive the robots.

Wish you were closer, I’d be happy to give you a giant box of them,…

Will you be at worlds? This is probably our last year going/volunteering, since we can drive to KY, but not to TX.

We use them to set robots on when testing.