What do judges mainly look for in notebooks

What do judges focus on? Next year I’m going to be making a way better engineering notebook. Just kinda wondering what in particular they look for.

https://www.roboticseducation.org/documents/2019/08/judge-guide-2019-20.pdf/ , especially note pages 26 and 27 for the rubric and pages 12 and 13, which @SiliconOxide pointed out

All notebooks should have:

Team number on the cover
• Written in ink with errors crossed out using a single line (so errors can be seen)
• Notebook has not been edited
• All pages intact; no pages or parts of pages removed even if they contained errors
• Each page numbered and dated in chronological order
• Each page signed by student author
• Team meeting notes as they relate to the design process
• Pictures, CAD drawings, documents, examples of code, or other material relevant to the
design process are glued into the notebook (tape is acceptable, but glue is preferred)

Outstanding notebooks should have:

Table of contents
• Each page signed by a student witness as well as student author
• First entry is the first team meeting, and each team meeting has an entry
• Descriptions of brainstorming sessions
• Descriptions, sketches, and pictures of design concepts and the design process
• Observations and thoughts of team members about their design and the design process
• Records of tests, test results, and evaluations of specific designs or design concepts
• Team organization practices as they relate to the design process
• Project management practices including their use of personnel, financial, and time
• Notes and observations from competitions to consider in the next design iteration
• Descriptions of programming concepts, programming improvements, or significant
programming modifications
• A person unfamiliar with the team’s work would be able to recreate the robot design
based only on information in the Engineering Notebook


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