What do the different yellow crystals do for the vex PIC system do?

So in a previous post (listed here, Programming the PIC Microcontroller) there was a user by the name foster that explained the different frequency’s. but just said if they were upgrade kit or competition kits, but what are the upgrade kit differences? like do they change the behavior of the brain or the controller in any way? if someone could explain that would help. (could not find a V 0.5/PIC tag for the post)

They do not change the behavior of the brain. The only difference are the frequencies used for controller to brain connections. The competition kit had a different, and larger, selection of frequencies that were different from the upgrade kit customers could buy so teams that were practicing would not interfere with matches.


ok thank you that helps me understand more about the PIC system

STILL is a user named Foster, I’m still here :slight_smile:


Btw, are you asking these just for understanding or you are gonna use this system?

PIC controller system has been phased many many years ago.

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My school has some old PIC controllers that they are planning to get rid of. so i might get my hands on one of them, I just plan on messing around and seeing what they can do. As I’ve never herd of the PIC system, I needed to learn how they worked