What do the judges want in a Engineering notebook?

Our team had a engineering notebook at worlds, and I was wondering what we can do to make it better. Any ideas, coments, suggestions, fears, parnoias, questions, videos, or pictures are welcome.
Thank you:)

There have been multiple threads on engineering notebooks. Here are some that I found while just doing a search of it in the search bar.

EDIT: Judges like to see pictures of students building the robot. Another thing that I put into my notebook is how we did at tournaments. Pros and cons of the things you build are also good to have in your notebook.](https://vexforum.com/t/questions-about-engineering-notebook/21545/1&highlight=engineering+notebook)

They want you to fully document your design process. They would like to see drawings of preliminary designs, testing of prototypes, pictures to show the evolution of your bot over the season. Overviews of what your team would like to improve on after each tournament you participate in. Those are a few things I would consider adding if you don’t do them already.

One of the things I tell my students is the Engineering Notebook that goes with their robot is like writing a lab report for a experiment, someone else should be able to take the write up and with a small amount of prior knowledge recreate everything you did.

Judges look for what you would do as a real life engineer.

i.e. An aerospace engineer has to document everything on the aircraft that he is working on. If ANY part is changed, he documents it. If anything was worn, he documents it, if he replaces a part, he documents that part into an engineering notebook for that plane. The reason for the notebook is a little different though between robots and planes though (a lot difference).

Planes are documented so accidents can be traced, but for robots, the advantage needs to be stated as you can look back to your notebook and remember what did not work. If a lift you built didn’t work efficiently, you document it, and later on in the year you can look back on the notebook and see what you should not try again, which saves time. Another advantage is to allow everyone on your team, whether you are there or not, to know what to do with the robot (what to try/not to try)

Hope this helps, good luck :slight_smile:

We got some feedback from the judges at worlds about our notebook as well as some suggestions. Here are some of my suggestion: Hand drawings of prototypes or concepts, printed out code is a big plus but it must be easy to navigate. One of things we did this year which the judges apparently liked is our glossary of terms which we had at the and of our notebook giving easy access to entries on a certain topic.

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