What do you code your controller to do?

From what I’ve seen Arcade controls is probably better as it frees up one hand to hit your macros. What do you code your macros too and do you do something else for the other analog stick (maybe for strafing)? We also have a partner controller and since our Mogo lift is on the back, we were thinking of having the other controller drive the other way and operate that life while the main one drives forward and operates the arm and claw. Do you implement macros to life up the mogos, close claw, or to lift the arm? Also do you use any macros for just pure robot movement?

I would say the Vast majority of teams use tank. Much more control over your robot, especially for turning. It also makes it much easier to turn in place, or “on a dime”.

As a side note, you program your cortex to react to the input from your controller, you don’t program the controller…

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But an arcade is faster and it is easier to drive with. If you do the Arcade programing right you can turn “on a dime”. So it really comes down to preference and what you main driver is good at.

How is it faster? If anything, you lose time to driving inconsistency.

It really depends on practice and preference. I use arcade controls because when I was beginning it made more sense to me and I kind of got used to it :P, but I can say after talking to many teams over the years that the majority of teams use tank controls.

That isn’t exactly true. You can do any maneuver with arcade controls that you can do with tank controls. I can easily pivot turn with arcade. It all comes down to personal preference in the end.

Same argument for these other 2 posts. Speed comes down to practice, not control types.