What do you do? (2022 edition)

An instrument with a brass mouthpiece and more than 3 keys :eyes:


Honestly not much at the minute, but my family and I vacationed in California back in June to visit some national parks. I got some great GoPro shots, and I’m working on polishing them up to hang on the walls of our house. Besides that, I attended some summer camps for robotics and got some excellent ideas for Slapshot. I also went to St. Petersburg, Florida, and had fun swimming in the Gulf. (I highly recommend that if anyone is in the area!) Now I’m just getting ready for the school year, which means buying obscene supplies that I might never use. Other than that my summer has been nice and chill, which is how I like them.


Oh, my Dad had one when those were new.


This is my father-in-law’s first family car; he gave it to us to restore a couple years ago, and we just finished it over the summer.


Getting ready for MOA Sig: we’re going to the revelation house this weekend to scrimmage with some TN/KY teams.

Conducting my school’s marching band.

Practicing soccer on lazy weekends.

Hitting the gym: I finally benched 135 last month and trying to get 155 before fall break (don’t judge :grin:)

Applying for colleges.

Just the usual


UPDATE: Scrim went well


I have not really been doing anything for Robotics aside from talking with team mates about the robot’s design. Over the summer I have just been hanging out spending most of my time watching stuff at home and when I am not doing that I am working out or practicing for football.

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Outside of robotics, this is how i spend my time:

  • Boating with friends and family
  • work :((
  • Playing video games with friends
  • Sleeping

“Quiet season? Whats that?” Charles(a team member): I don’t know but it probably means you quietly design this entire robot while I ask you how much progress you made every day

Post worlds:
-trying to design and build an advanced and competitive robot by the first competition
-binging a desert storm documentary in one day
-study for school (especially SATs)

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Just finished up the Beaver Works Summer Institute program and had a blast! Learned a lot and made a lot of new friends. Unfortunately, everyone in my class that did robotics did FRC so I couldn’t geek out about the new season with them ;-;

Also, preparing to apply to colleges. I finally finished up my common app and am getting ready to do the supplemental essays.


I finished running 2 weeks of an IQ summer camp as part of an FRC fundraiser and just got back from a summer camp (attending this time) where I met some awesome people and made some cool friends. I didn’t meet anyone on a VEX team there though :frowning: but I did unexpectedly meet two FRC people. And now I am now finishing up my VRC robot and working through some more IQ designs (#revealcomingsoon???). On top of everything robot-related though I have college apps (good luck everyone in that boat) and two more SATs before the application deadline (definitely gonna get a 1600). Weaving school into everything’s gonna be fun, but living for robots will get me through it.