What do you do during your off season?

Hello VEX Forum users,

I was just wondering what everyone else does in their free time. My team usually has an end of the year potluck dinner, and then we start to build for the next season after the new competition is announced in May.

BTW - Shout out to all of the teams at the DeKalb County VEX Tournament! It was great competing with all of you. Best of luck at the state conference:)
Also, good luck to all of those that interviewed for GHP this past Saturday for Technology, you know who you are:)

Our team start individually CAD’ing, drawing, prototyping, sketching, etc. once the new game is released. I usually have 3-4 fully CAD’ed robots before the actual start of the season. We also have a “celebration pitch-in” usually sometime in June/July. We have bon-fires, capture the flag, knock-out, and other fun outdoor activities.

We start building in August, but I have a feeling we will be starting earlier than that this year (cough Luke 323X cough).

The Summer is also a great time to work on your programming. I know several of our members took the CS2N online ROBOTC course. That course helped out a lot with our programming this year.

So basically my point is robotics really “never” ends for the 323X/Z teams :slight_smile:

We build various pojects such as a solar tracker and a fast bot that could travel at a fast walking pace.

What kind of software do you use for drafting? I usually draft an Inventor model of our robot, and this year, our team is thinking about 3D printing a small scale model of our robot for our state conference.

Since it’s the off season, it seemed like a good time to revive this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Due to the fact that our robotics teams are combined with the schools engineering club, our off-season consists of what projects are going on in the club, and this year we all are designing and building a trebuchet to throw pumpkins next fall in a local college’s “pumpkin-chunkin” competition. :smiley:

Rule #1 of VEX’s off season: There is no off season.

**** Right.

With the Summer Games coming up we really don’t have an off season although summer is slower than Sept-Feb. We will be doing a couple of robot camps agaion this year along with the usual volunteer work. But an off season does not exist! By mid August we will have 3 robots built and decide which one stays together. Aside from alittle extra time in Hawaii before and after the competition we will be roboting all summer.

Since when do you guys at B do anything over the summer :wink:

We usually take elements home over the summer, and work on and intake that will work, and also make multiple CAD models of different bases and arm attachments that may work.

My kids agree that this SkyRise game is going to be really tough. They will have no free time. Any time not spent achieving straight A’s, sleeping, eating, exercising, and breathing will be spent building their robot.

Dere vill be no playing vith zee Xbox until zee robot is perfected! :smiley:

The notion I get from my team, since I am new, is that there is no off-season. I am not trying to be rude, but the team that I joined had been workin year-long with no breaks, just a transition between games. This means more time on thier robot, which gives them an advantage over teams with a summer long off-season.

Ever since Skyrise was announced, I don’t think there’s ever really been downtime for us. Even when we weren’t building, we spent all summer (literally all summer) perfecting our CAD design and working on programming practice, along with part acquisition.

Does this means your kids are not breathing while they’re working on their robot?